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Online Vendor Application welcomes talented musicians to apply to become vendors at our website. Sell your own recordings with absolutely no risk involved. You will never pay to post your music so there is no obligation on your part except to work hard to record quality, conservative music that others will want to buy. Google searches of the three words – sacred, audio and music – in any order, often receive from 4 million to 8.5 million hits and the website is always in the top three listings – above most major publishers.

To apply, you must be a registered user of the site. Simply fill out the online form providing two examples of your recorded music. Also give us a short statement of your sacred/worship music philosophy. Please refer to our Mission Statement here at the website to see if you would be in agreement with our mission. Lastly, read and agree to our SacredAudioMusic Vendor Legal Agreement . The business model and royalty payment information is all included in that document. Upon submitting your request, you will receive an email back within one week. If approved your account will be upgraded to a vendor status and you will need to fill out your online Vendor Profile. You will also receive a document giving you clear guidelines on uploading music to the website. Thank you from the support team.

Note: If your main mailing address is outside of the United States you MUST have either a US mailing address or a Paypal account to receive royalty payments. In the "Mailing Address" box please list your your US mailing address or Paypal email address to receive royalty payments directly to your Paypal account.