Q. What is SacredAudioMusic.com?
A. SacredAudioMusic.com is an on-line, digital-download, music store selling quality, conservative sacred audio music as mp3 file downloads. No albums are mailed to the customer. You can listen to musical tracks before purchasing. Once you purchase an item it is available to be immediately downloaded to your computer as an mp3 file. Please note that certain web browsers or filtering software may interfere with playback for audio files. Internet Explorer in particular does not always seem to properly playback audio. If you have playback problems, please understand the issue is undoubtedly not with this website but on your computer. There are many factors that can influence playback and if you continue to have problems please consult a technical expert that can do a "hands-on" analysis of your computer's audio playback.

Q. How do I get my music once I pay for it?
A. We do not mail any albums or individual tracks. Every so often I get a message from someone saying their album has not arrived. Again, we do not mail any albums. Once you complete a purchase you simply go to the home page (click on the SacredAudioMusic.com logo) as a logged-in user and select "My Account" in the right hand column. If this option is not showing you are not logged in. Once you log into your account this option will be available. Choosing "My Account" will take you to your account profile page. Choose the tab "Files" and you will see your purchases waiting to be downloaded and played. You can reproduce as many copies as you paid for at checkout. The number of allowed copies will be clearly indicated in the receipt you receive from SacredAudioMusic.com after purchase along with a reminder of the Terms and Conditions you are legally bound to abide by. Please contact us if you have any issues with this process.

Q. You do not seem to have many selections at this time in certain instrumentations or instrument combinations. Is this something that will change?
A. SacredAudioMusic.com was launched in January of 2017. It will continue to grow as new vendors are brought on board. If you have specific instrument recording requests please contact us directly and we will make supplying that instrumentation a priority.

Q. How much does the music cost?
A. All individual tracks will be sold at the website consistent price of $.99 each. Complete album pricing is determined by the individual vendors posting that recording for sale. Each item’s price will be clearly listed for your information.

Q. Are there any additional costs at the time of purchase?
A. Every transaction will incur a one-time $.69 (69 cents) "Order Fee" to cover the preparation and delivery of your selection(s) purchased. In other words, if you purchase a single track for $.99 you would be charged an additional $.69 for preparing and delivering your mp3 order. This is a fixed, one-time "Order Fee" charged on any order whether your order is $9.99 or $99.90. Also, South Carolina residents purchasing at this site will pay SC sales tax. Purchases from outside of South Carolina may have tax liabilities in their own state for internet, out-of-state purchases. This is not intended as tax advice.

Q. How does this process work?
A. 1. You search for the selections that you like.
2. You add those to your shopping cart.
3. You pay for your order with a credit card or through your Paypal account - you do NOT have to have a Paypal account.
4. You download the music to your computer.

Q. What if I want to return the music once I purchase it?
A. Because you are able to listen to a musical sample before you purchase, and because there is no way to guarantee a retrieval of a digitally downloaded file, SacredAudioMusic.com is unable to offer a return policy on any music purchased.

Q. In what format do you sell the audio music and why?
A. SacredAudioMusic.com sells all music as downloadable mp3 files. The quality of the mp3 resolution is left up to the vendor uploading the file but they are encouraged to encode mp3 files no less than 192 kbps. The mp3 file is able to be played on virtually all media players on computers, tablets and smart phones.

Q. Once I purchase the mp3 file, it's mine to do as like, such as sharing it with my friends or family, right?
A. You agree to a Terms and Conditions document as you check out and purchase your mp3 file. This document holds you legally responsible to not reproduce your file more times than you have purchased. In other words, if you only purchase one copy you are not legally allowed to have the mp3 file on multiple devices such as a home computer and multiple phones. Your mp3 download is followed up with a personalized email receipt which again included the Terms and Conditions as a reminder of your legal obligations.

Q. How long will it take to download the audio file(s)?
A. Your music will be immediately available for download as soon as your payment has processed. The actual download speed will depend on your connection to the internet and how much music you buy. Albums can be very large files so, if your connection is slow you will need a substantial amount of time to download the file(s).

Q. What do you define as conservative sacred music and why is it so important?
A. This question really goes beyond the scope of this FAQS page. We recommend you reference the following excellent resources – both of which can be purchased through Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com). Please refer to the SacredAudioMusic.com Mission Statement for a brief overview statement of philosophy and purpose.
“The Battle for Christian Music” by Tim Fisher (book)
“Music in the Balance” by Kurt Woetzel (book)

Q. How do I pay for my music?
A. Once you decide to check out from the shopping cart, you will be directed to the PayPal secure site where you pay whether or not you have a Paypal account. You can use any major credit card at this Paypal site without using or creating a Paypal account or simply pay through your existing Paypal account. Please note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE OR REGISTER FOR A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO BUY FROM SacredAudioMusic.com.

Q. Why should I buy from SacredAudioMusic.com when I can get it from somewhere else?
A. 1. SacredAudioMusic.com allows you to buy the music instantly so you can have it when you need it.
2. You are able to hear an excerpt of the selection before you buy it.
3. You don’t have to buy an entire album – just one track if that is all you desire.
4. No traveling to a store and no waiting for the mail to deliver your item - your purchase(s) can be downloaded to your computer as soon as you pay.

Q. Is there any tax on my download?
A. Yes and No. SacredAudioMusic.com only charges sales tax on music purchased in South Carolina based on our office location in Pickens County (7%). However, this may not alleviate your tax liability in your own state. If you live outside of South Carolina, you may still be liable to file your purchases on your income tax return under a "Sales and Use Tax" or a similar section. This is in no way intended to be tax advice. SacredAudioMusic.com shall not be held liable for any tax, legal, or any other information provided on this site whether directly stated or implied.